Audio Adrenaline - Hit Parade: The Greatest Hits (2001)

Исполнитель: Audio Adrenaline
Альбом: Hit Parade: The Greatest Hits
Дата выпуска:
Alternative / Rock




Track listing:

1. Will Not Fade *
2. I'm Not the King [b]
3. Mighty Good Leader [d]
4. Some Kind of Zombie [c]
5. Get Down [d]
6. Walk on Water [b]
7. Big House [a]
8. We're a Band [a]
9. Blitz [c]
10. Hands and Feet [d]
11. Man of God [b]
12. Chevette [c]
13. Underdog [d]
14. Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus [b]
15. DC-10 [d]
16. One Like You *
17. Rest Easy[a]

*denotes newly recorded song
a originally appeared on Don't Censor Me
b originally appeared on Bloom
c originally appeared on Some Kind of Zombie
d originally appeared on Underdog