Nicole C. Mullen - Captivated (2011)

Исполнитель: Nicole C. Mullen 
Альбом: Captivated
Дата выпуска:
Praise / Worship

Track listing:

1. Holy Captivated
2. I Can Do (P413)
3. I Need You (As The Deer) (feat. Chris August)
4. Kingdom Come (feat. Michael O'Brien)
5. My Shepherd
6. Forgive Me
7. Lead Me (feat. The Katinas)
8. My Tribute/Redeemer (Medley)
9. A Song For You
10. I'll Praise Your Holy Name
11. Holy Captivated (Extended Mix)
12. I Can Do (P413) (Extended Mix)
13. I Need You (As The Deer) (Extended Mix) (feat. Chris August)